Regardless whether you’re a new football fan or if your have been a fan for as long as your can remember, having the best football shirt is an important part of being a true fan.

It’s about pride, passion and love for your team and of course bragging rights and every football fan knows this. People gather in 10s of thousands wearing their respective team’s colors to watch them play the greatest sport in the world.

Let’s talk about why it is important to wear your football team’s shirt.

Your Football Memories

Like I said in the beginning, your may be a young kid who has just followed in his father’s footsteps and became a fan of your local team etc or your are a die hard fan and have been for decades. One thing that will never be taken from your are your memories.

Everyone has special memories of a football game they went to and they always remember what shirt they wore. That shirt that stood out from others along the years and the one that gave your the greatest memories.

The Best Atmosphere

One thing that makes a great memory is a great atmosphere. People who gather in their thousands to watch their team play shows passion for the club. As your are in the stands waiting for the team’s to come out just look around the stadium, your will notice a sea of color which represents your club, all joined in unison, ready to support the team.

The noise of the crowds, the chants, the songs, the buzz of watching your team hoping for a victory. Proudly wearing the best football shirt.

The All Important Bragging Rights

Everyone knows their is a price to pay with being a fan and that is even though your will win some games, your will also lose some games. Some of your friends may be supporters of another club and is due to play against your team.

The excitement builds up and their is tension in the air. No one wants to be on the losing side and have to face their friends after the game, but it’s all part of being a fan. People waving their shirts or scarves in the air celebrating the victory can be very annoying but if your’re on the winning side then your don’t really care…bring on the bragging rights!!

The Love For Your Football Club

Some people say it’s just a game, what’s all the fuss about. As I mentioned above its not just a game, it’s about emotions, atmospheres, bragging rights and of course the love for your club.

I love my national football team and I love my local team. I will always support them and attend games whenever I get the chance. I always wear my favorite football shirt to the games as it reminds me of previous games and great memories, it’s also a good conversation starter with someone who is wearing the same one, as your will probably share the same memories and emotions of football games.

Become The Best Fan Ever

Have passion for your club, share emotions with other fans, witness some great atmospheres and make memories to last a lifetime. Wear the best football shirt your can and become a true football fan.

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